Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge of Psychic TV, RIP

 Files 2007 10 11 19 38 07 Lady Jaye 19692007 Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, wife of industrial music pioneer Genesis P-Orridge and member of Psychic TV, died of heart failure on Tuesday. Lady Jaye and Genesis were in the midst of an ongoing life-art project to make them look more alike through matching breast implants, haircuts, and other body modifications. The aim was to merge their identities into a single "pandrogynous" being, named Breyer P-Orridge. We send our condolences to Gen and the extended Psychic TV family.


  1. [[Lady Jaye collapsed and died in the arms of her heartbroken “other half” Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.]] Oh, my goodness, how very sad. My condolences to her loved ones.

  2. O Pioneers! What a loss.

    “Whatever flames upon the night
    Man’s own resinous heart has fed.”

    – W. B. Yeats, Two Songs From a Play

  3. Condolences to all of her loved ones. Right after reading this notice, a Psychic TV song came up on my random-set iPod. The universe works in mysterious ways.

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    Makes me wonder what people are going to say about you when you die… and how that will make your loved ones feel.

    @ Everyone

    Yah, Gen is purposely weird… but I can’t begin to imagine what this is doing to Gen’s mind right now. They had this whole alchemical thing going on.

    I never met either of them, I’ve only known of them through Gen’s work and the stories of a friend of mine who Gen took under wing. I have to imagine that having your wife, your younger wife who should outlive you… christ.


    You mean “insufferable douche bag” like people who say “irregardless” and clumsily malign the recently dead?

  7. Wow, you perceive Genesis as a type of meta-human from his media image and philosophies. As dumb as it sounds it’s hard to contemplate something like this happening to him because of that. Poor guy.

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  9. I have to wonder if dying so young from this heart condition might be connected to all of the elective surgery…

  10. Flying Squid
    They said she died from an “undiagnosed heart condition which is thought to have been connected with her long-term battle with stomach cancer”

    Cns Mjrs Hm spn… LL

  11. Saw the play in Chicago, like maybe a decade and a half ago, or so. Seemed like nice people. Shame.

  12. This is truly heartbreaking. I saw Gen & Lady Jaye as living out their outrageously vibrant ideas with devotion, humor, fearlessness – and a rare, incredibly inspiring, joy.
    Chewing on the serpent’s tail and spitting out love.

    May Gen, the PTV family and luminous Lady Jaye’s loved ones find strength and comfort in this impossibly painful time.

    “We’re facing potentially a really dark time..We have to choose another path …To put it bluntly…being nice is probably the most powerful political action you can take right now.”
    -Genesis P-orridge

    articles about Breyer P-orridge Pandrogeny:

  13. wow. this is awful news.

    i’ve always admired genesis and lady jaye for being such tremendous proponents of human evolution. though many might consider the way they went about proclaiming that advocacy to be extremely controversial, i thought it was wildly imaginative.

    i can only hope that if and when genesis is able to get beyond this loss he will continue to voice his views to the world, in a way that only genesis can.

  14. Heartbreaking.

    Shit, maybe not the best choice of words…

    But still. Losing one of the more interesting people in the world. Sad.

  15. i forgot how i came across finding out about the two but i never forgot them, i thought they were groovy. I like to think of them as method artists. She will be missed but lets remember she still keeps on giving.

    I know that going to the doctor may be unnerving and you want to be impervious to anything but please encourage your family and friends on being checked out. this may or may not have been detected. that i do not know, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from knowing. Get those check ups so we don’t have to keep losing anyone else prematurely.

  16. They will meet again.

    Stay strong Genesis. Keep feeding the starving souls.

    Although these are bad times, with Tour problems and now this, I believe PTV3 will return.

  17. Wow, this is terrible news. I’ve never seen PTV live and probably never will, considering my access to most of the venues they play at. However, Genesis’s music has always been challenging and at least in some degree responsible to a lot of my views of the world.

    I worry about Genesis with this. He seriously puts his ass on the line for his art, and he’s made his life an inclusive aspect of his art. He’s also always been willing to share a lot of his inner perspective on thing, either musically, or through his blog. Genesis has made it through plenty of troubling times, but it’s hard to see someone whose life has been built on such an experimental approach to such personal aspects of his life to have to deal with things like this.

  18. Terrible horrific news. She was so young! I met Lady Jaye with Gen a few years ago when they were beginning their pandrogeny project. She was very sweet and sharp. From what I know of them, they seemed to be very much in love with each other and incredibly inter-twined. This must be an immense shock to Gen and their family and friends. I just interviewed Genesis about the new PTV3 CD, and he was so happy and pleased with the current direction his life has been taking with Lady Jaye by his side. Then suddenly…gone…

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