Next year's Internet memes, illustrated by Wondermark


8 Responses to “Next year's Internet memes, illustrated by Wondermark”

  1. pork musket says:

    Murders in the Rue Morgue
    someone call the Gendarmes
    Murders in the Rue Morgue
    run before the killers go free

  2. m1k3y says:

    got this posted on my cube at work

    it’s bemusing the hell outta ppl

    bring on the Ninja Robot Bears in Ill Fitting Hats!!!

  3. dunnright says:

    Look to the future all you want, but nothing can replace ninja monkey robots!

  4. mercermachine says:

    In the case of “This Guy”, he’s actually last year’s internet meme. Of course, being in the past, he’s known as “That Guy”

  5. xadrian says:

    That was enjoyable, I think naughty jesters has a future.

    Let’s not forget hoboes. Are people tired of them yet? How about crazy tribal elders?

  6. mightymouse1584 says:

    i predict the next big internet/boingboing meme to be interesting useful/beautiful bicycles.

  7. Ape Lad says:

    All signs point to Mole Men as the next big meme.

  8. jeff says:

    Cat and Girl predicted the new memes for 2007 sometime last fall:

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