Dalek cookie kit


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  1. codesuidae says:

    Do they all come pre-opened like that?

  2. Thingamadad says:

    Why hasn’t someone designed a Dalek roach motel yet?

  3. Simon Greenwood says:

    And Grantham is where Margaret Thatcher came from. Perhaps she is planning to return as Davros. Is The Gingerbread Daleks a good name for a band?

  4. Lady Katey says:

    Wow, from the same Flicker set:


    Forget the poorly crafted cartoon popsicles- meat is a much better medium!

  5. Alden says:

    The new series just opened the flood gates for wacky Doctor Who merchandise. You just know somehow, somewhere, one of these will turn up in 50 years time on whatever eBay has mutated into by then.

  6. TheRev says:

    Wow. I made a cookie cutter and Dalek cookies when I was in eighth grade in ’86. I probably have pictures somewhere, Mom still has the cookie cutter.

  7. PaulT says:

    Old news, really. There were Doctor Who easter eggs and Dalek mugs a few months ago.

  8. Hamish MacDonald says:

    Not only are they doing American-style product tie-ins, they’ve strangely also chosen to use the American word “cookie” rather than “biscuit”.

  9. strider_mt2k says:

    I currently hold the rights to Davros-branded eyewear but man who doesn’t like cookies?

    And Dalek cookies no less!

    Hmm hard to work a Dalekism into this one, lemme see…

    Ingredients…blah blah blah ahh, here we go -Calcium PROPIONATE PROPIONATE!

  10. Mantari says:

    OMG — WANT!!

  11. Calton says:

    Love the label:

    No Artificial Colours,
    Flavours or Preservatives!
    No Hydrogenated Oils!

  12. T.Jackson says:

    I think they’d been sitting on the shelf so long that the box got all torn and they were put on clerance as damaged merchandise.

    My favorite part is that the cookie daleks have decided to Exterminate artificial flavors and preservatives! Those lovable cookie daleks!

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