Dalek cookie kit

T sez, "I saw these Dalek cookies at a supermarket in Grantham, UK, and thought that they seemed to satisfy Boing Boing's craving for both Doctor Who/Dalek merchandise, and highly decorated cookies at the same time. Sorry that price sticker is obscuring part of the cookie." Link (Thanks, T!)

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  1. And Grantham is where Margaret Thatcher came from. Perhaps she is planning to return as Davros. Is The Gingerbread Daleks a good name for a band?

  2. The new series just opened the flood gates for wacky Doctor Who merchandise. You just know somehow, somewhere, one of these will turn up in 50 years time on whatever eBay has mutated into by then.

  3. Not only are they doing American-style product tie-ins, they’ve strangely also chosen to use the American word “cookie” rather than “biscuit”.

  4. I currently hold the rights to Davros-branded eyewear but man who doesn’t like cookies?

    And Dalek cookies no less!

    Hmm hard to work a Dalekism into this one, lemme see…

    Ingredients…blah blah blah ahh, here we go -Calcium PROPIONATE PROPIONATE!

  5. Wow. I made a cookie cutter and Dalek cookies when I was in eighth grade in ’86. I probably have pictures somewhere, Mom still has the cookie cutter.

  6. I think they’d been sitting on the shelf so long that the box got all torn and they were put on clerance as damaged merchandise.

    My favorite part is that the cookie daleks have decided to Exterminate artificial flavors and preservatives! Those lovable cookie daleks!

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