China Blocks Google & Others Over Dalai Lama (Or Just Bad Firewall)

Danny Sullivan tells Boing Boing,
Searches at Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are being redirected to Baidu for many searchers, and Google now confirms to us the same. The big question is why? No one seems to know -- the Dalai Lama's award is our leading guess for what might be an attack on US search engines. But it could also be related to a big party congress or just a glitch in upgrading the country's censorship mechanisms.
Link. (Photo ganked from Wikipedia).


  1. I really dislike how pictures on BoingBoing are occasionally posted with width parameters that tell browsers to stretch the image, because Firefox and IE use nearest-neighbor interpolation to expand images – with unsightly results.

    It’s also unnecessary in the case of this particular image because BoingBoing is embedding a thumbnail when there is a larger source image available at

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