Creepy Michael Jackson fright-mask

Sally sez, "This *must* be the creepiest mask of 2007. Fershizzle. Michael Jackson (creepy enough, doncha know) with just a pinch of extra creepy. EEEEEEEK! I'm still squirming, yet can't look away." Link (Thanks, Practical Archivist!)


  1. Awesome. I’m thinking hat, umbrella, and surgical mask for the first portion of the evening to build suspense, and then the big reveal!

  2. please…never do that again without a warning.i`ve never been frightened by anything on this site…..where in heck are my pills…

  3. Greta Garbo? Dear God no. It actually looks like a cross between Michael Jackson and the corpse of Dolores Del Rio.

  4. Only flaw is that the nose is not deteriorating. Looks like that could be solved with a little time and a rough file though.

  5. That looks far too real for comfort. How do you wear it? It looks like either it would be very complicated to attach around the eyes, or you couldn’t see out at all because you’d have fake eyes over your eyes. Can this thing actually be worn at all? Does it take a professional makeup crew to apply?

  6. I was about to say that “creepy” and “fright” in the title were redundant… until I saw the picture. What the unholy wazoo…!?

  7. grotesque. Pursuit of physical beauty (and physical beauty shouldn’t matter) turned this man ugly, in response we have this mask, look how ugly he is. It sends the important message that ugliness is spectacle, and you don’t want to be ugly. Repeat cycle.

  8. Que criatura medonha é esse Michael Jackson. Vocês americanos tem o cara mais louco que um país pode querer. Que orgulho, né?

    (What creature is this dreadful Michael Jackson. You Americans have the most crazy guy who may want a country. That pride, right?)

    Bruno Saviano. Brazil. Ṣo Paulo РSP

  9. i think that the dead should be left alone. are you all perfect? do you believe everything that you hear? is there something nasty that you would like to print about yourself? are you even kind, or have you ever helped a stranger? probably not.

  10. Geeze, MJ defenders…use your education IF you have one (though basic reading skills are all that’s required)!

    Do you not see that this thread began in October of 2007?

    MJ was NOT dead then, and his 2005 molestation trial was still fresh on the minds of many.

    The post and mask fit the situation at the time, but just because it could be viewed as inappropriate now, well, in America, there’s still freedom of speech, so if you don’t like it, ignore it and move on.

    Simple enough?

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