Hello Kitty assault rifle

For just over $1,000, GlamGuns will sell you this super-custom Hello Kitty AK-47 assault rifle. Comes with hand-crocheted shoulder-stock muffler. Link (via Neatorama)


  1. Very sweet. My gf and I collect “Hello Kitty” so this would be perfect for our collection (actually she pointed this out to me from another site and said she wanted it). YES, we would have a REAL AK-47 in our house along with our Glock and Mossberg. Remember our Constitution.


  2. Where is the AK from, tho?

    I’ve broken down a few, and there’s no way, no matter how gussied up, a Chinese AK is worth a $K. If it’s Russian, or Eastern Europe I supposed it might be worth it…

  3. Too bad it’s a parody. I was looking around for a hot pink “Britney Spears” Humvee Assault Vehicle with a roof-mounted “Strawberry Shortcake” M249 SAW “Berry Picker”.

  4. Fake? oh, you mean they don’t have permission from Sanrio? Heh, the AK is all the permission they need! lol

  5. fake as in, the Martha Stewart Claymore Mines and Mother Teresa LAW Rocket launcher are kind of a dead give away…since not even the N.R.A. can get you those on the open market…much less in a wide variety of pastel colors.

    wonder if anyone still does “Z-coating” on firearms… friend once did some custom Zcoats on a pair of matching Colt Python pistols..
    one baby blue the other hot pink…”his” and “hers” aniversary gift.

  6. You know, if al-Queda used these rifles, I’ll bet Bush *never* would have gotten Congressional authorization to invade Iraq….

  7. The text at the bottom of the page was more of a giveaway. You know, the bit that says:

    NOTE: This site is a parody for humor purposes only. No actual weapons may be bought on this site. […] There is no such thing as “Sucking-Chest-Wound Bear.” […] GlamGuns.com has no connection with and is not affiliated with […] Paris Hilton, Mother Theresa, Lady Diana, or, in fact, much of anyone really, especially Dick Cheney who, at no time, was CEO of our corporation or even on the Board of Directors. No, really. Would we lie to you?

  8. It’s perfect. There just aren’t enough drive-by murders by women. It’s so heartwarming to see that gangs are being proactive!

  9. “There is no such thing as ‘Sucking-Chest-Wound Bear.'”

    oh, I’m heartbroken. I would buy a Sucking-Chest-Wound Bear.

  10. if its functional thats cheap for an AK anymore. recently the prices have gone up dramatically again. a pre ban AK in terrible shape with a factory folding stock and a pair of high capacity clips can sell for $1500 these days when about 10 years ago you could grab one for $150 all day long.

  11. So, you ARE going to mark it as a parody to save people the trouble of having to figure it out, right?

  12. Curses that it’s only a parody… I thought the problem of my girlfriend’s birthday present had been solved!

    This would have gone perfectly with my pink-heart and unicorn sticker festooned Glock 19.

  13. There’s no way that’s real,they got too many technical data wrong, like calling a stock sock a muffler.


  14. SeanHansen (31), ignore for the moment the bits on the page that label it parody. You’re right that Glamguns.com get the technical data wrong: for handguard, read grip. Also, I’m not sure that isn’t an AK-74.

    But errors aren’t enough to prove it’s a fake. Real objects frequently receive flawed writeups. What’s more to the point is the objection JBurris and RugerRedHawk make: the price is way too low for an unmodified fully automatic AK-47, much less a custom job like that one.

    Calton (23): No. It’s good for them.

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