Hordes of shirtless dudes invade Abercrombie and Fitch (video)

Spotted on Scott Beale's blog:

Our friends at Improv Everywhere recently completed their latest mission “No Shirts”, where they organized 111 shirtless men of all shapes and sizes to go shopping at the Abercrombie and Fitch store on 5th Avenue in New York. As it turns out, in a store that celebrates the shirtless male, shirtless men are not allowed to buy shirts.


  1. Um. Well, yeah. Would you be just as shocked to discover you can’t go shopping at Victoria’s Secret in just bras and panties?

  2. Actually I’d bet a bra and panties would be enough to qualify as ‘dressed’ if you weren’t running up against people uptight about skin… which I am thinking people working in VS wouldn’t be.

    I realize IE is an entertainment-oriented organization, not a political/issues one, but I’d like to see 111 people who are overly tall, short, fat or thin go into an A&F and try to buy something.

    Okay, you probably can’t be too thin to find something to fit in Abercrombie…

  3. uh duh…. would shopping in bras and panties be some sort of indecent exposure depending on where you are. Not to mention that most women would never just walk around in the skivvies.

    Either way, a store is private property and they have the right to say who can and cannot be in there.

  4. ok not only does A&F promote the shirtless man, they actually have sales guys who don’t wear shirts sometimes… i thought it was a joke… that is clearly inviting shirtless shopping ridicule

  5. in a store that celebrates the shirtless male, shirtless men are not allowed to buy shirts

    Ironically, that’s not ironic, but merely self-defeating honesty in advertising.

  6. Now I’m scared that one day I’m going to suddenly run out of shirts and I’ll be in this horrible catch-22. Thanks for the nightmares, BB.

  7. It may not be ironic, but it is silly. I mean, sales staff who can’t sell shirts to shirtless men? It’s like the opposite to the ideal of the salesman who can sell fridges to eskimoes.

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