Radio show about gaming in China: propaganda, paranoia and gold-farming

Jesse Brown from CBC Radio's SearchEngine sez, "This week's Search Engine is a special episode that may be of particular interest to BoingBoing readers. It's entirely devoted to the political and cultural impact of video games in China. We cover the gamut: anti-gaming laws, 'internet addiction' paranoia, propaganda games by the state, and the most thoughtful documentary about gold-farming I've yet heard." MP3 Link, Podcast feed SearchEngine homepage

(Disclosure: I am a paid columnist for SearchEngine)


  1. This was a fascinating show, especially discussing the conflict between gold farmers who desperately need the paycheck they get from it, and the gamers that target them for pvp in games like Warcraft. I was fascinated by the discussion of various methods for identifying gold farmers and how racism can become so wrapped up in it.

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