Impractical, skinny leaning bookcases


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  1. Oswegan says:

    They look like they’re about fall over at any moment.

    Instead of wierdly compelling they seem strangely annoying.


  2. David B. says:

    That’s funny, because my Los Angeles eye just sees a large number of heavy things that might crush me during an earthquake… and the weekly dusting involved – yeesh!

  3. phasor3000 says:

    Maximum materials usage for minimal storage capacity — compelling!

  4. kees says:

    “sloom en slordig” translates as “lethargic and untidy”.

  5. freshacconci says:

    I dunno. Not necessarily impractical. They lean, you stick books in them. That seems to be it. Now, if you have cats, that’s a whole different story. I can see either of mine taking a leap onto these and sort of create a reverse domino effect (if that makes any sense).

  6. twig says:

    well damn, I think they look cool.

  7. Shawn Wolfe says:

    make your living room look more like that corner of your garage that needs cleaned out

  8. sabik says:

    I don’t know about impractical – if you’ve got a wall that doesn’t evenly divide into standard bookcase widths, these might be just the thing to take up the remainder. Although probably not at €45 each.

  9. CaptainGroggySwagger says:

    At 45 Euro each, maybe just use some palettes?

  10. Neuron says:

    Clever, but not the kind of clever that I need. I have more than 6 books.

  11. DMStone says:

    I really like it! It is sort of like having individual slip cases for each book. You want get damage from the covers rubbing together and it will really obvious when you let people borrow them.

  12. woid says:

    And they’re perfect for earthquake country! Watch them dance!

  13. jphilby says:

    No more provenance than 4 cinder blocks and 2 planks … and a lot less useful.
    I’d be glad to make dozens of them, however, for anyone willing to pay $65 each … even throw in a bundle of colorful tarp straps with each 10-pack to lash them together.

  14. Rig says:

    I love them.

  15. GiantSnowman says:

    A translation of the Dutch company name is in order:
    ‘Sluggish and Sloppy’

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