Jasmina Tešanović: Neonazism in Serbia


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  1. mindysan33 says:

    Yay! I always like Jasmina Tesanovic’s work. She does good stuff.

    I’m currently taking a class on the Balkan’s and one of the books I’ve read is “Serbia’s Secret War” by Phillip Cohen. He lays out an argument that basically says that many Serb nationalist were complicit with the Nazis. He calls the victimization of large numbers of the Serbian population by Nazis a myth, in fact, saying that while Chetniks (Croatia), who committed numerous atrocities during the war, never gained widespread Croatian support, while many Serbs supported the Nazi backed nationalist Serbian regime. While he does agree that there were Serb victims, the numbers have been inflated by Serb nationalist since the end of WW2, and used as a propaganda tool since then. Opinions on this in regards to Tesanovic’s article here. I guess this goes to complicity of a population, ala Christopher Browning or Daniel Goldhagen. Anyone?


  2. fritz from london says:

    Not half as weird as Isreali neo nazis [YouTube]

  3. boombox says:

    i didn’t understand this sentence..: “Opinions on this in regards to Tesanovic’s article here.” if you clarify i will be glad to share thoughts on Serbia with you..me being a Serbian citizen, having lived my entire life in this country. :)

    x x Me.

  4. mindysan33 says:

    Oops! I think I’m confusing my chetniks with my Ustashas! Sorry- If I paid more attention in class… ;-) Chetniks were Serb nationalist and Ustasha were Croat nationalist, both of whom collaborated. According to Phillips, Chetniks had wide support from the Serb population, while the Ustashas did not have wide support from Croats. He also says that a higher percentage of Croat Jews survived vs Serbian Jews.

    I mean opinions on what she said in light of Cohen’s claims about Serbian complicity during the war.

    She says that Serbs were victims during the War, hence it makes no sense that they want to invite Neo-nazis in. She says:

    How can Serbia become the center for modern Nazi fans whose idol Hitler bent every effort to exterminate Jews, gypsies and of course Serbs?

    And she says:

    Hannah Arendt writes how Eichmann, during his trial in Jerusalem, was pathetically trying to be entirely truthful about his facts and orders…never lying about killing somebody or sparing them. Except for one bureaucratic detail — those eight thousand Serbs whom Eichmann personally ordered killed within Serbia. Serbs were so invisible and expendable that Eichmann took a unique initiative in their case.

    Now, we all know that the Nazis had a policy of eliminating their “enemies” (both racial and political, often conflating the two). The numbers that Cohen points out of Serbs that died were way overinflated for political reasons. He claims that Serbian dead in the Jesanovac camp was inflated to some 700,000 and Tito’s government hushed up more accurate records. His point is that Serbs were generally more likely to be pro-nazi and supportive of the Chetnik government, while Croats were generally not supportive of the Ustasha government. Of course, there are all sorts of issues with such generalizations.

    Does that make sense? Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not attacking Tesanovic, cause I think she’s terrific. I wish more like her existed in the world… I just get nervous around nationalism in general. Considering the situation with Kosovo, it seems like a good idea to be wary. I’m also no expert on these matters.


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