Halloween mugshot mask: U.S. Senator Larry Craig

Make your very own U.S. Senator Larry Craig Paper Bag Mask this Halloween, and scare the bejeebus out of all those you encounter in the men's room. "For the back of the mask there's an official U.S. Senate Seal to let others know who you are, and that you are here to stay."

Downloadable paper bag mugshot costume offered as a PDF by Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall. Link.


  1. “…and scare the bejeebus out of all those you encounter in the men’s room.”

    hmm, homophobia on boingboing?


  2. I don’t think it’s because of homophobia; it’s more likely because the mask is so damned ugly and the senator is such an enormous joke.

  3. Homophobia? More like plain ol’ common sense.

    I’m off the Kinsey Scale at the lavender end, and I’d still run, fast, if that Bathroom Goblin came tapping my way…

  4. Homophobia? More like hypocrit-o-phobia, liar-o-phobia, and having-illegal-sex-in-a-very-public-restroom-o-phobia (regardless of the gender of the participants, it isn’t legal, pretty sure).

  5. I hope Craig stays in office for a good many years to come. You can’t buy that kind of entertainment.

  6. hmm, homophobia on boingboing?


    What the? Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s great to see some Larry Craig lovers here in the house tonight.

    Seriously though, do you even know who you’re defending? It’s not his sexual preference that’s the joke. It’s a perverted scandal in a dingy airport restroom that includes a Republican Senator with a staunch record of voting AGAINST gay rights — that’s your homophobe. Who then acts even more stupid insisting he is not gay, over and over again. And over and over again, jumping all the way back to 1982, when he was accused of molesting male teenage congressional pages, all the while passing drug laws while (allegedly) high on cocaine. Then there’s his whole “I will not resign” on again off again circus show. There’s a lot to laugh at!

  7. Brilliant! And you thought toe tapping in the neighboring stall was funny after the story broke. Just imagine looking up to see this peering at you. Gaaaah!

  8. i understand the humor of it, but the line i quoted makes it seem that we must be afraid of a gay man raping us in a bathroom, because that’s how they operate.

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