Information R/evolution: video explains how awesome it is that everything is miscellaneous

Information R/evolution is the latest short film from Michael Wesch, whose earlier moving video "The Machine is Us/ing Us" explained why Web 2.0 mattered in s few deft and vivid strokes. Information R/evolution is Wesch's take on information management and categorization in the age of the Internet -- his view of the Everything is Miscellaneous question, and it draws heavily from both Weinberger and Shirky's work. This is a gloriously optimistic video about our collective power to make sense of the world in a way never dreamt of in the days of paper organization. Link (via Netzoo)

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  1. Ugh – I want the last five minutes of my life back. “The Machine is Us/ing Us” was excellent. This was disappointing. Almost as if Wesch rushed out another video to sustain all the deserved attention his first was receiving. Unlike the first though, this one doesn’t see to have anything to say.

  2. I’m inclined to agree with #3. This one feels rushed (literally) and doesn’t add much to his previous film, which I consider a masterpiece. In fact, this one seems positively superficial by comparison.

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