Joe Torre and the psychology of persuasion

Psychpersu Today's "60-Second Science" podcast at Scientific American lists the "six basic rules of persuasion" that former New York Yankees manager (probably unknowingly?) used to his advantage. Those techniques of persuasion are explored in depth in one of my all-time favorite non-fiction books, Robert Cialdini's Influence: The Science of Persuasion.
Link to MP3 of 60-Second Science, Link to buy Influence: The Science of Persuasion


  1. I have to second this.

    Robert Cialdini’s books are wonderfully readable books on the psychology of influence that will help you recognize when your built in psychology is used against you to influence your judgement and decision making. Although his books are often recommended to marketers and carried in bookstore’s business and marketing section, they are also an excellent defense against many forms of attempted influence, from political groups and religions to business. Cialdini’s books are replete with anecdotes and backed up by research and are well worth a read. Highly recommended.

  2. Wow! Someone I know is mentioned on BoingBoing! (Cialdini was on my Master’s Thesis committee). He has another book coming out later this year (it is called “Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion”). I’ve seen bits of it–it looks good!

  3. I like Robert Cialdini’s Influence: Science and Practice (4th edition) so much I carry an extra copy in my car to give to friends. I discovered it from the recommendation of Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway. Have you ever done something someone asked you to, and afterwards wondered why? Read this book and find out.

    I’m excited to hear he has another book coming out, I’ll look forward to reading it.

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