Toothbrush discovered in woman's nose

Doctors in India removed a three-inch piece of a toothbrush, including the business end, from a 31-year-old woman's nose.
Picture 1-114 So how did it get there? The woman claims she is not sure. She says, “Around two months ago as I was brushing my teeth, my husband accidentally pushed me and the toothbrush in my hand broke. I was left holding the lower portion of the brush but couldn’t locate the rest of it. Soon after, I started bleeding profusely from the nose,” she said. She visited the family doctor to stop the bleeding. “But since that day, I began getting breathless and a foul smelling discharge began to come out of my nose. I used to get restless gasping for breath sometimes,” she said.
Link (Via Museum of Hoaxes)


  1. Yeah, being American-Pakistani and knowing the culture this sounds a bit like a husband that did a more then just push her…

  2. Unfortunately not an accident, as heard from someone who was part of the team that treated this lady. Poor woman was trying to protect her husband even after being distress for over two months. Ah, love.

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