Toothbrush discovered in woman's nose


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  1. jimh says:

    Her husband “accidentally” pushed her? Huh.

  2. Nelson.C says:

    Re: #4. Can we have a “report” button for rubbish like this?

  3. devoinregress says:

    Re: #4chan we have a “report” button for rubbish like this?

  4. RugerRedhawk says:

    I cringed.

  5. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    We’re working on report buttons. Please feel free — no, encouraged — to post your reactions. The “disemvowel” button works just fine.

    When we get the report buttons, do please keep posting your reactions. Buttons are useful, but your comments are far more eloquent.

  6. DragonPhyre says:

    Wh knw tht Pk’s brshd thr tth?

  7. Zuhaib says:

    Yeah, being American-Pakistani and knowing the culture this sounds a bit like a husband that did a more then just push her…

  8. kanwarsation says:

    Unfortunately not an accident, as heard from someone who was part of the team that treated this lady. Poor woman was trying to protect her husband even after being distress for over two months. Ah, love.

  9. toby says:

    Dragonphyre – That’s a horribly ignorant and racist statement you’re making…

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