CIA's "terrorist buster" logo


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  1. Gary Farber says:

    I’m puzzled, Mark. Why are you reblogging this 2002 item? Does everyone have amnesia of how this was blogged all over back in 2002, after its famous 2001 posting?


  2. hedztalez says:

    Looks just like Chewbacca. Crappy looking laser rifle though.

  3. Michael R. Bernstein says:

    ghurley @ #14: Yep. Cool, huh?

    You can see a list of other high profile Plone sites here:

  4. noen says:

    “Who ya gonna call? Terrorist Busters!”

  5. Mindbleach says:

    Huey Lewis & The News – I Want A New Drug (for those unfamiliar with the original).

  6. Kieran O'Neill says:

    … because inciting people to use “munitions” on the CIA website would not quite be in the spirit of an anti-terrorism campaign?

  7. Rossifumi says:


    At first, their clients are few and far between, and the Terrorist-busters have to depend on their individual talents to keep the business alive: Dr. Egon Spengler is a Terrorist genius, Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz is an expert on Terrorist history and WMD’s, and Dr. Peter Venkman has charm and business savvy, although he is in some ways a charlatan.

    Although he initially comes off as a bit of a wise guy, Venkman eventually finds a subtly heroic side to himself when he learns that a creature called “Osama” is haunting the land of America, a client who has become the object of his lustful (and possibly deeper) intentions.

  8. deusdiabolus says:

    This symbol is offensive to ninja citizens who exercise their Second Amendment rights to own semi-automatic weapons for home defense. It it so on now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It appears this graphic is in the public domain, who wants to print the t-shirts?

    Copyright Notice

    Unless a copyright is indicated, information on the Central Intelligence Agency Web site is in the public domain and may be reproduced, published or otherwise used without the Central Intelligence Agency’s permission. We request only that the Central Intelligence Agency be cited as the source of the information and that any photo credits or bylines be similarly credited to the photographer or author or Central Intelligence Agency, as appropriate.

    If a copyright is indicated on a photo, graphic, or any other material, permission to copy these materials must be obtained from the original source.

    This copyright notice does not pertain to information at Web sites other than the Central Intelligence Agency Web site.

  10. kaosdevice says:

    I forsee this design having vast impact on the national terrorist community. I mean, it clearly says “no” after all. Who ignores that?

  11. Peaceflag2007 says:

    This thing deserves to become its own internet sensation.

    Who owns the T-SHIRT rights?

  12. Peaceflag2007 says:

    Next up: “No Terrorists” tshirts and keychains.

  13. Matt Staggs says:

    I ain’t fraid of one who utilizes the systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve political objectives

  14. Lauren says:

    Man, we can’t even keep the terrorists fully behind forbidden symbols. This war on terror is hopeless.

  15. gHurley says:

    Wait… The CIA uses Plone?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, except it’s NOT the “international ‘forbidden’ symbol” because the line for that goes from top left to bottom right.

    All the CIA had to do was look at a “no left turn” sign and they could have had it correct.

  17. Flying Squid says:

    Remember: When waterboarding, don’t cross the streams.

  18. James says:

    Not only does the new CIA Anti-terrorist logo look hilariously like the Ghostbusters symbol… but a quick ‘Find/Replace’ in the lyrics can turn Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters theme into a paranoid, patriotic, jingoistic propaganda song:

    If there’s something strange in your neighborhood
    Who you gonna call?
    Terrorist busters!
    If there’s something weird and it don’t look good
    Who you gonna call?
    Terrorist busters!

    I ain’t afraid of no Terrorist!

  19. KurtMac says:

    Thats absolutely TERRORble! Ha Ha!

    I must say, I favor the logos of the actual terrorists better… Previously on BoingBoing: Terrorist logos: graphic design

  20. Fnarf says:

    Fucking Gumby. I always knew he was up to no good.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the Ghostbuster’s Logo

  22. zuzu says:

    Don’t cross the streams. It would be bad.

  23. Stephen Lark says:

    The crypto for this URL is 128 bit RC4. Why aren’t they using 256 bit AES?

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