Ice cream ramen

Kikuya, a ramen shop near Tokyo's Kitasenjyu Station, carries a startling variety of improbable novelty ramen dishes, including Vanilla Ice Cream Ramen, Yogurt Ramen and Chocolate Ramen.

That flavors can you expect? Vanilla Ice Cream Ramen, Chocolate Ramen, and every bodies favorite… Green Tea Ramen (LIKE WHOA!) Something to remember is that ice cream ramen could be a limtied summer time edition this year (like I heard it was last year) and if you show up too late in the season you might end up with some Coffee Ramen (a.k.a. kohii gyunyu ramen). Other items on the menu include white ramen (yogurt), red ramen (tomato), natto ramen, milk ramen, hot cocoa ramen, pork kimchi ramen, and other crazy combinations. Regular ramen is 500 Yen but if you choose that option I’m sure people will look at you funny.
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  1. This past summer I hosted a ramen party consisting of chicken-flavored ramen with pineapple and grilled spam for toppings. In consideration of hosting another one, I’ve completely spent my brain on coming up with more creative ramen ingredients. And I seriously think ramen a la mode is the answer.

  2. Pork Kimchi Ramen doesn’t seem that weird. In fact, it sounds like what I have for lunch when I can get the house to myself. My flatmates claim Kimchi makes them nauseous and I’m not allowed to eat it in the house while they are there. Good winter food.

  3. Green tea cake is fairly common in China, and it is TEH BOMB. I’ve found mixes for it at Trader Joe’s, but it isn’t nearly as good as what you get in China.

  4. Finally something that actually merits the typical “LOL, Japan” response we see all to much on BoingBoing.

    @4: You said it man. I don’t know how many of my students have horrible excema that I’m pretty sure stems from lactose intollerance (or some sort of food allergy)…but it’s more than I can count on both hands. Japan needs to slow down on the milk.

  5. At least they are not (yet) topping it with cheese, like cheese gyudon this spring. I agree, Pork Kimchi is pretty much standard, the rest is just a “look what I can eat” dare.
    I’m still remembering the Lotteria Kimchi-Shake…

  6. Why has no one commented how vomitous that looks!? I wouldn’t eat that on a dare. It seriously looks like someone accidentally dropped their ice creams cones in there.

    “You got ice cream in my ramen! You got ramen in my cream!” [for my old school candy commercial peeps]

  7. The ice cream with ramen does look gross, because
    of the hard boiled eggs and meaty looking broth.

    I’d eat it on a dare, for at least $10.

    Musicman, are you paying rent? If so, then
    you have a right to eat what you want. Kimchi
    is just vegetables. Your flatmates are being
    unreasonable. Tell them they will just have
    to learn to deal with it.

  8. In the starving student days just about everything went into ramen. My favorite was a desert ramen I’d use to make by adding Bananas and M&M’s to give it a sweet flavor.

  9. @Darrell:

    I know what you mean with the eczema, but I’ll wait for someone with a degree in medicine to diagnose it, especially since you don’t hear people running around saying “where did all this eczema come from???” As far as I’ve heard, there have always been a lot of people with eczema, and it’s hereditary.

    I feel just so sorry for them, though. I have students who are literally covered head to toe. It makes me want to cry.

    However, as a springtime exzema sufferer, I can say this: perhaps the reason we see more of it here is that they evidently don’t have any steroid cream. I use a cortisone cream I get from my US dermatologist that knocks it out in one or two applications. It spreads if you don’t stop it when it’s small, because you end up scratching it (or, at least, I always do). Both times I’ve been to the dermatologist about it here, I’ve been “prescribed” vaseline. Vaseline. Sticky, oily, inert, vaseline. And the last guy looked at me like I was crazy. “It’s just eczema,” he said. “Yeah, and it itches like mad and I’d like something to take care of it.” And I got vaseline.

    I once saw a girl who didn’t know anyone was looking take one of those Mentholatum lip balms they have here and run it all over her face and neck, trying to get some relief. I wanted to run home and just give her my reserve tube of smuggled medicine.

    And finally, I just have to roll my eyes about the dairy hand-waving. The Proto-Indo-European civilization was largely built on various dairy products, from various domesticated animals. Dairy has been a staple in European (especially), Middle Eastern, North African, and Indian diets from time immemorial. If it were so terrible for us, we would have natural selected around it (of course this did happen–people from these regions digest it more easily than Asians) or stopped eating it. Milk is high in protein, calcium, and other nutrients, and is easy to produce. And when the milk runs out, you can even eat the package (i.e. the cow). It’s good food that’s good for you, provided you can digest it.

  10. “I once saw a girl who didn’t know anyone was looking take one of those Mentholatum lip balms they have here and run it all over her face and neck, trying to get some relief. I wanted to run home and just give her my reserve tube of smuggled medicine.”

    you should have done it. it could have been the start of something beautiful!

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