HOWTO Make a killer werewolf costume

Matt sez, "MissMonster has been creating incredible monster costumes for years. This year she's made a really intense werewolf costume all by hand. She's posted an in-depth tutorial on Instructables." Link (Thanks, Matt!)


  1. The Vampire and the Werewolf should be friends!

    I had this realization after watching “Oklahoma” and “Underworld” back to back.

    I’m gonna go lie down for a while.

  2. Hey Cory and Matt!
    I can’t thank you enough for posting my costume. What a great Halloween treat! I wish you could see it in action, the best I can do is post a link to the werewolf blog which has a youtube video on there.

    I do hope that the tutorial sparks a horde of homemade werewolf costumes next halloween.

    Thank you again, and have a wonderful HOWL-OWEEN!


  3. Awesome missMonster…killer indeed!!….saw this kind of costume in ma computer science dept at my school usc

  4. Ah… it’s cool when friends from different circles run into each other in cyberspace.

    I’m so out of touch with the old oC people. Hope all is well these days, Cory!

    Same goes for you, Melly… I guess it’s been a while. Hope all is well in Chicagoland :).

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