Blogging Heroes: new book

Bloggingheroes Wiley, the publisher of Michael Bank's forthcoming book, Blogging Heroes, gave me permission to post the chapter that has an interview with me.

Here's a link to the 600kb PDF file: Link


  1. Whoever wrote this copy for the Amazon page just made me about 90% less likely to buy this book: “With more than 57 million currently active blogs, Web logs are…” Yep, you lost me when you put a space between “web” and “logs.” Anyone trying to sell me a book about blogging better know that “weblog” was never two words–even the mainstream media figured that out a couple years ago.

  2. One of the proposed covers had a guy in a red suit and yellow cape.

    Thanks for pointing out the “web logs” goof, Jordan. I can’t believe someone did that (nor that I missed it)! I’ve put in a request to the folks at Wiley to fix that.

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see how well this book does . . . I didn’t know if I should post my chapter, but I guess I’ll do that now too.

  4. Go for it, Gary! Your comments present a unique slant, even though as you read the entire book you will see several collective themes emerging. The strongest of these themes was quite a surprise to me. Whether people buy the book or borrow it from libraries, it will be interesting to see whether the samples move people to get the book in order to have the neatly packaged chapters, as Chris Anderson notes.

  5. Congratulations on being named a blogging hero. Well-deserved honor; can’t wait to read the book. Who can I get in touch with at Wiley to get an advance copy?

    Glad you posted your chapter. When I assign it for review, I’ll ask our freelance writer to discuss why that’s a good strategy for you (and Mike) from an SEO (getting found online) standpoint.

    btw, I agree with Mike that great writing trumps stuff written solely for search engine spiders. SEO, though, can help a great book garner a bigger audience when combined with traditional online/ offline promotions and marketing tactics.

    Jordan–I feel Amazon’s pain; our current stylesheet requires “web” to be capitalized and weblog written as “Weblog;” website as “Web site.”

    Kevin Heisler
    Executive Editor
    Search Engine Watch

  6. Kevin,
    I think “Weblog” rolls naturally–as a sound and visually. It’s so familiar that we probably perceive it more as a shape than a pattern of letters.

    But I feel that with “Web site” it is better to have the reader parse two discrete concepts, as the term still battles with “Web page” and “Home Page” in general usage.

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