Michael Brown, FEMA's Katrina boss, offers S.D. wildfires advice

Orli Cotel of the Sierra Club writes, "I thought it was absurdly ironic that Former FEMA Director Michael Brown (aka Brownie) is pitching himself as an expert consultant for disaster management for the San Diego fires. Has everyone forgotten about Katrina??!!" From a press release issued by Cotton Companies, Brownie's private sector disaster response company:
"The agency has learned some hard lessons regarding the handling of mass evacuations especially in regard to the bureaucratic red tape that is involved in such a process," said Mr. Brown. "This is a tragic time for many of the people of California, and Cotton Companies is working to ensure that normalcy is restored and that businesses and organizations are back up and running as soon as possible."

Cotton has already deployed a team to San Diego to prepare recovery efforts and has a Community Assessment Team in full force.