Funny gift boxes from The Onion

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The Onion sells these funny fake-product "gotcha" boxes -- which you can fill with real presents.

Wrap an otherwise forgettable gift in one of seven Gotcha Boxes from The Onion, and watch their faces fall when they realize there is no such thing as a USB-powered travel toaster or a 28-piece whisk set–just a crappy bric-a-brac inside you waited until the last moment to buy. Or feign enthusiasm for a surge-protected power strip that mounts on a car review mirror and plugs into the cigarette lighter.
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  1. Be sure to check out the older series of bauxes; I love the “Salt of the Month Club.”

    Even more fun than putting a crappy gift in one of these would be putting in something really cool and appropriate, and including an envelope with the gift receipt inside “in case you have one already.” Then when the giftee brings the unopened item to the store for an exchange they’ll get to try to explain why they’re returning a USB Toaster with a receipt for an iPod. And hopefully figure out what’s going on before things get nasty.

  2. How very much fun! Although looking at their entire collection I must sadly admit that if I got that “Make Your Own Umbrella” box, I’d be woefully disappointed if that -wasn’t- what was inside …

  3. Wait, where do you find the ones shown in the post? When I go to the link I only see the USB toaster, salt of the month, and make-your-own-umbrella boxes.

  4. I agree with #5 Loquacious: the Visorganizer actually looks useful. It harks back to the good old days when a newshound would store his press pass in the band of his fedora.

  5. The Visorganizer could be the next tacky baby-boomer accessory.

    If someone actually made these, Wal-Mart would sell millions of them.

  6. my very large family has for many, many years, been using boxes from other items to wrap gifts that have nothing to do with the box (“don’t believe the box” is our motto). if only we had known there was money to be made from it!

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