Steampunk time-machine

The Chronotheric Fluxing Capacitron is a lovely steampunk gadget that crackles with blue light, appearing to be some kind of time-travel thinggum. Flickr use Absinthetic notes that it was a "prop to accompany my Halloween 2007 costume, which was a 19th century time traveler." Link (Thanks, R!)

Update: The creator's weighed in on the comment thread with a link to an earlier version

One Heptillion Pleasures Await You in Boing Boing's Garden of Steampunk Delights! Dilute Dilute Dilute OK!


  1. I have been building such pseudo-science devices for awhile now. What I call light sculptures. My first Tempus Apparatus (time machine), constructed for a local art show a year or two back, can be viewed below.

  2. Not nearly as fantastic as these amazing art pieces, but please enjoy my own little Steampunk offering.

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