Video report on cow-eating tree


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  1. Landowner says:

    I thought it would at least be a big scary tree like in Wizard of Oz. A sapling tried to eat a cow? I guess you have to have faith.

  2. Perla says:

    I see treehugging in a different light…. perhaps I should try it.

  3. chappai says:

    The interesting music for the first two cues in the story come from British sci-fi series created by Gerry Andersen.

    The first cue is the main title from the series UFO. The second cue is the main title from Space: 1999. Both pieces were originally composed by Barry Grey who scored most of Andersen’s work.

    No idea who performed these pieces.

  4. Matt Staggs says:

    Seems like one Mr. Schulz published some work pertaining to a kite-eating tree…could be related.

    The truth is out there – and it keeps moving the damn football.

  5. Gamma says:

    Cow gets tail caught in tree. Seven minutes of details at 7.

  6. David Pescovitz says:

    @Gamma (#3)… My thought exactly. But I prefer to imagine something like what’s depicted here.

  7. Flying Squid says:

    Cows don’t eat trees, they eat grass.

  8. David Pescovitz says:

    @Gamma (#10), Looks fun!

  9. I Am Dali says:

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  10. Christovir says:

    @#5 Cows do eat grass of course, but they will readily eat tree leaves and sometimes tree bark. Not to be pedantic or anything…

  11. Barbara Doduk says:

    what don’t people report? holy cow.

  12. Mark Temporis says:

    I am fairly sure the X-Files like music is from the remixed long version of the X-Files theme from Mark Snow’s “The Truth and the Light”.

  13. Gamma says:

    David, that wiki link reminds me that I need to re-read Stanley G. Weinbaum’s science fiction stories. They were so much fun before NASA spoiled everything with their damn probes.

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