Video report on cow-eating tree

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Last week, I posted the cryptobotanical tale of a tree that's allegedly eating cows in Uppinangady, Mangalor, India. Over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman found a TV Daijiworld report from the village, including interviews with witnesses, footage of the tree (now chopped), and an introduction to one of the victims. I especially dig the 70s porn soundtrack that segues into a rip-off of the X-Files theme. Link

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  1. The interesting music for the first two cues in the story come from British sci-fi series created by Gerry Andersen.

    The first cue is the main title from the series UFO. The second cue is the main title from Space: 1999. Both pieces were originally composed by Barry Grey who scored most of Andersen’s work.

    No idea who performed these pieces.

  2. Seems like one Mr. Schulz published some work pertaining to a kite-eating tree…could be related.

    The truth is out there – and it keeps moving the damn football.

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  4. @#5 Cows do eat grass of course, but they will readily eat tree leaves and sometimes tree bark. Not to be pedantic or anything…

  5. I am fairly sure the X-Files like music is from the remixed long version of the X-Files theme from Mark Snow’s “The Truth and the Light”.

  6. I thought it would at least be a big scary tree like in Wizard of Oz. A sapling tried to eat a cow? I guess you have to have faith.

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