Bush fundraiser linked to crashed drug plane


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  1. Flying Squid says:

    It’s okay, we don’t drug traffic just like we don’t torture. Nothing to see here…

  2. android says:

    I think the excerpt misuses the word “incredibly”; I find it entirely credible, myself.

    That new investigative journalism outfit that the Wall St. Journal guy started (recently on BB) — they should look into this, no?

  3. mongip says:

    There was a much more detailed, objective and intriguing investigative report on this plane on Chicago Public Radio monday. You can check it out here: http://www.chicagopublicradio.org/content.aspx?audioID=14304

  4. noen says:

    “If I sold two computers and then years later someone was busted using them for some crime, would that mean that anyone I had supported for election was now tied to that crime?”

    That isn’t quite what happened here. This latest news isn’t proof, it’s circumstantial, but it does raise questions and there does seem to be a pattern of criminality here.

  5. Micah says:

    I’m no Bush supporter, but I have to say I’m with Vertigo25 on this one. The fact that someone once owned a plane that is used to commit a crime in no way implicates that person.

    Odds seem pretty good that somewhere in the chain of title for any vintage 1970s private jet lies a big business honcho who has done some political fundraising.

    All this conspiracy nonsense is just that: nonsense. While I guess I see the fun in it, anyone who takes it seriously is either the liberal equivalent of Rush Limbaugh (i.e., so obsessed with smearing one’s political opponents that it doesn’t matter what the basis of the attack is) or or simply a moron.

  6. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Mongip, what was their take on it?

  7. dogu4 says:

    Keeping it illegal keeps it expensive and I mean expensive in direct proportion to the amount of tax dollars being wasted in enforcing what amounts to yet another incarnation of the utterly counter-productive prohibition-style enforcement. Keeping it expensive, of course, means lots of extra profits with which to rig the game of politics, speaking of which, what other protected american industry has seen its profits and its power with the overlords of the country’s governing process soar over the last few years? Religion. Yeah…not ususally thought of as an industry, but we all know it is and like any entity it strives to be..uh, relevant..and powerful. Be very carefull anytime both religion and big time crime are sharing the reins of power in the horse cart that’s carrying you and your most cherished posssessions.

  8. Tobor Redrum says:

    Georgie-boy’s just trying to stock up before he leaves office. Give him a break.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

  9. vertigo25 says:

    Am I missing something here?

    Believe me, i’d love nothing more than concrete evidence that Bush was backed by drug money, but this is nothing. This has nothing to do with Bush or Adams.

    If I sold two computers and then years later someone was busted using them for some crime, would that mean that anyone I had supported for election was now tied to that crime?

    C’mon folks. The administration does enough genuinely illegal and unethical things that we don’t need to waste our time on this kind of a stretch.

  10. Anonymous says:


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    the bells are not always audible…

  11. David B. says:

    I can’t find it in myself to be shocked by any of this – I mean, for me, it doesn’t quite top “reviewing” the CDC director’s presentation on global warming from 14 pages to 4 followed up by staged FEMA press conferences…

    It is fascinating, though, to see an administration and a prez implode before he’s turned in a budget for his presidential library. I’d say an outhouse with a vast underground septic tank will do just fine.

    David B.

  12. Shrdlu says:

    Well, it’s not like there isn’t precedence for this. Are you all too young to remember the Iran-Contra affair? It’s not a giant philosophical leap from drug money to defeat the commies to drug money to defeat the more recent conservative bugbear: liberals. [Shudder.]

  13. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    nothing is true……………………..everything is permitted……………

  14. Blackbird says:

    You’d think by now they would’ve figured out how to fake FAA and purchase records. The CIA really needs to hire a few good counterfitters and hackers to get the job done right! Whatever happened to “we have no record of that” . . . now it’s a long list of associated people with ties to the top. Get some other friends…try democrats, they haven’t had a good scandal in a little while…

  15. ethanthom says:

    It should be no surprise.Your government is in bed with Drug Lords.In Afghanistan too.
    Rule #1 of governing,keep the masses poor and stupid,so they are not watching you when you give them the royal screwing.

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