Kris Kuksi's fantastic realism art

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Kris Kuksi makes fantastical sculptures that are microcosms of a bizarre, grotesque, and surreal world that HR Giger, Hieronymus Bosch, and HP Lovecraft would happily call home. Seen here, "The Macabre Ride" (mixed media, 23" x 18"). Dark Roasted Blend interviewed Kuksi:
DRB How long have you been doing this, and how do you define your genre?

Kris I started my first one in 2004 called "Parasite and Host", and from there they have evolved into what I call an appropriated onslaught of shit put together that otherwise shouldn't be together in order to create a physical world of what is in my head...

DRB What kind of "mixed media" do you use in your sculptures?

Kris Mixed media is a very simplified term for what materials I use, but the list would be to long for this interview. I use "things". These things are pre-fabricated, injection-molded, press-molded, mass-produced, kitschy, weird stuff all brought together in a very articulated way that involves imagination, skill, math, craftsmanship, paint, and lastly, magic.
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