Kris Kuksi's fantastic realism art

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Kris Kuksi makes fantastical sculptures that are microcosms of a bizarre, grotesque, and surreal world that HR Giger, Hieronymus Bosch, and HP Lovecraft would happily call home. Seen here, "The Macabre Ride" (mixed media, 23" x 18"). Dark Roasted Blend interviewed Kuksi:
DRB How long have you been doing this, and how do you define your genre?

Kris I started my first one in 2004 called "Parasite and Host", and from there they have evolved into what I call an appropriated onslaught of shit put together that otherwise shouldn't be together in order to create a physical world of what is in my head...

DRB What kind of "mixed media" do you use in your sculptures?

Kris Mixed media is a very simplified term for what materials I use, but the list would be to long for this interview. I use "things". These things are pre-fabricated, injection-molded, press-molded, mass-produced, kitschy, weird stuff all brought together in a very articulated way that involves imagination, skill, math, craftsmanship, paint, and lastly, magic.
Link to Dark Roasted Blend interview, Link to Kris Kuksi's site


  1. It’s lovely to see multpile artists that I’ve been following for a quite a time now (the ParkeHarrisons are the others), featured on boingboing on the same day! They both create worlds I could easily get lost in.

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