Chicago Public Radio on crashed drug plane


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Direct Link to WBEZ story…

    It was produced in the context of a whole series on the geopolitics of the drug trade:

  2. Halfadrop says:

    *giggle snort giggle snort*
    The title says “pubic”.
    *giggle snort giggle snort*


  3. Anonymous says:


    CIA drug trafficking

    no one cares, it’s just the way the world works.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I know Clyde O’Connor personally – today is his birthday – albeit, I have not seen or spoke with him in about 10 years – when I googled his name, I am literally shocked to read all of this – nonetheless, Clyde, if you read these – Happy Birthday. Jennifer

  5. Adam Stanhope says:

    Good story.

    It’s lame, however, for Chicago Public Radio to report on the estimated values of peoples’ homes as if the estimates provide any real insight into someone’s honesty.

    A lot of people live in $450,000 homes.

  6. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Doesn’t everyone know that the CIA’s been involved in the drug trade for decades now?

  7. jtg says:

    I’m sure this is interesting but the way you have it transcribed here makes it really hard to read.

  8. Peaceflag2007 says:

    So what’s the story? The CIA is smuggling plane loads of cocaine into the United-States to fund black projects and sustain Bush’s habits??

  9. teflon says:

    All I keep thinking as I read about this is: how the hell do I get in on this government immunity money-train that deals in drugs, airplanes, and millions in cash?

  10. freeyourcrt says:

    Nice story. Complete with a patsy and everything.

    The CIA runs drug people. Read Gary Webb’s book, Dark Alliances. Read up on the opium trade. Research the recent surge in Afghanistan’s heroin production.

    Isn’t it time for everyone to grow up? Large central governments can never be trusted. This was a truism for many a generation and somewhere along the line we and our parents and grandparents were hoodwinked into believing in this representative democracy. Our great grandparents and older generations knew better though. They knew that democracy meant vigilance and responsibility. But that was before the creation of the new socialist man and brain washing on a massive scale.

    Sorry for such a dark post but this stuff is really getting old.

  11. ANACHRONISMO says:

    i think its a known fact that elected officials need millions of dollars for campaigns, some of that inevitable comes from drug money whether it is direct or indirect involvement is irrelevant. It is the complacency, the lack of integrity is what is most damning.

    Bush doesn’t enforce the borders,he let’s them remain wide open despite a Global War on Terrorism. Meanwhile, most drugs cross the border undetected, only a small fraction are caught, just enough for authorities to look tough on crime.

    I think many of the skeptics out there are just so jaded from seeing these scenarios played to death in film and tv, it just seems laughable, or acceptable, so when it really happens, no one cares.

  12. blush_response says:

    loller skates for blatant typos in the subject.

  13. phlavor says:

    This administration has become absurdly implicatable in some many wrongdoings that I find myself completely numb to these revelations. I figured out years ago that Republicans holding office and plentiful cheap cocaine go hand in hand so it is inevitable that a connection with a government entity would eventually surface.

    Now what I would find amazing is if this story were to end in a meaningful arrest or will another bunch of middlemen be scapegoated into a short jail term.

  14. Michael says:

    You have to know the right people, Teflon. That’s how everything works in the Third World.

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