HOWTO Make an anatomically correct batwing costume from old umbrellas

Evil Mad Scientist Labs have improved on their classic design for a bat-wing costume made from old umbrellas with a new design that is even more anatomically correct! Link (via Craft)

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  1. I think he means the attenuated fingerbones in bat wings.

    Um. Were you pulling my leg there?

  2. I know, Squid. Back when I lived in Seattle I spent a lot of time in the zoo’s nocturnal animal house, staring at the bones visible in fruitbats’ wings when they stretched them out in front of a light.

  3. I had a schoolfriend who’s dad was a biologist who studied bats and every year on my friend’s birthday he’d bring some to school in cages to show us. He also would take us out looking for bats with some sort of audio detector to catch their chirps. Needless to say, I love the little guys.

    I’m not saying she’s insulting all of bat-kind by suggesting they only have three bones in their wings, I’m just saying she should be a little more bat-sensitive with her stereotyping.

  4. My title (but not Cory’s; he put it in the main text) included the phrase “more anatomically correct.” And given that last year’s bat costume had the umbrella ribs coming out of my armpits (a la Acme), it is now more anatomically correct. I certainly mean no offense to all of the wonderful bats out there, and would like to encourage increased anatomical accuracy in all future bat costumes.

  5. The bats accept your apology, Lenore. However, they feel they are owed reparations which they expect to receive in the form of mosquitoes and other small, flying insects.

  6. I would be delighted to pay reparations to bats in the form of mosquitos, with heavy interest charges on back royalties.

  7. Heh – my friend Mike uses the term “batwing” for when his sack sticks to his inner thigh on particularly steamy days. :)

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