Samurai costume made from Rubbermaid trash-cans


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  1. Rob Cockerham says:

    This is really nice work. I can’t believe how polished it looks considering its humble components.

    Also, does anyone know what those rings on the staff are used for?

  2. Santa's Knee says:

    To catch your opponents weapons and to give off sound to better know where the tip is.

  3. outlanderssc says:

    I always love how there are always a hundred ideas for great costume designs – all put out when it’s way to late to actually make any of them in time for Halloween

  4. deejayqueue says:

    This is incredible. Just more proof that it’s not the materials it’s the craftsman. I wonder how he did the knobs, and where he got the grommets from?

  5. tangodurden says:

    This is such a sweet costume. I’d love to see kids faces if a giant f’n samurai opened the door to give them candy…

    @ deejayqueue

    The ‘knobs’ look like rubber stoppers for Erlenmeyer flasks, the kind you’d find in any laboratory. About a #6, I’d say.

  6. clifford says:

    Wow, fantastic! Except for the footwear, which makes me wonder what samurai wore on their feet.

  7. Maclaine says:

    For anyone interested, “Kudzutech” is a gent by the name of Dave Johnson. He is a notable comic book and commercial illustrator, although his comic book output is mostly just covers these days.

    No, I do not work for him, just a fan.

    Here’s his personal website:

  8. slobbit says:

    Clifford, @ 6:

    They typically wore sandals — a half-sandal with no heel — or bearskin boots tied onto the foot, kind of like an ankle-high moccasin.

  9. Elvis Pelt says:

    I know what I’m going to be for Halloween next year!

    Bravo, sir!

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