Zombie thought to really be dead


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  1. Big Blue Monkey says:

    This has perhaps been covered somewhere else in the history of Boing Boing, but I saw a piece on PBS last night about a man who appeared to be a real life zombie. Fun moment from the PBS special: They had the documents at the hospital where the zombie Clairvius checked in. They said, “patient complains of being a zombie. Also, check for hernia.”

    Zombie-Hernias got to hurt.

    Here’s Time Magazine on the event:

    “On a brilliant day in the spring of 1980, a stranger arrived at L’Estère marketplace in Haiti’s fertile Artibonite Valley. The man’s gait was heavy, his eyes vacant. The peasants watched fearfully as he approached a local woman named Angelina Narcisse. She listened as he introduced himself, then screamed in horror—and recognition. The man had given the boyhood nickname of her deceased brother Clairvius Narcisse, a name that was known only to family members and had not been used since his funeral in 1962.”

    link: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,952208-1,00.html

  2. Fnarf says:

    I’m wondering what would happen in the opposite situation — Halloween reveler has heart attack on train and actually dies, in a city where Halloween costumes are common. How long before they discover him? What are the reactions when they find out the cartoon-dead-looking guy really is dead?

  3. raisedbywolves says:

    hah! That’s hilarious.

    And yep, Halloween costumes are sadly not yet a normal sight here in Hamburg. But we’re working on it.

  4. xopl says:

    FNARF… there were two girls laying “dead” on the floor in the Mall of America as a psychology experiement. Not sure when/if they’ll publish, but plenty of people stopped to check on them. I realise it wasn’t exactly in a Halloween setting.

    Also, funny enough, I was sitting on my friend’s porch after the Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl covered in fake blood. The landlord comes out, sees me, asks if I’m ok… says he doesn’t believe me when I say I’m fine and waiting for my friend. It didn’t even occur to me that somebody unaware of the Zombie Pub Crawl mind fight a blood soaked person a bit odd. Still… he never called the cops.

  5. May says:

    he plays dead, it stops the train. ha ha.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The better story is when he gets buried alive and digs out of the grave to seek vengeance on those who left him for dead.

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