Lord of the Rings origami


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  1. Eric Gjerde says:

    Eric Joisel will be at the Pacific Coast Origami Convention starting this Thursday, November 8th, in Vancouver BC. More information is available at the convention website:


    His work, along with many other origami creators, is on display at the Pendulum Gallery in downtown Vancouver, as part of the currently running “Origami Masters Exhibition”.

    You can see more photos of his work and of the exhibition at the flickr page of Joseph Wu, native Vancouverite and full-time commercial origami artist:


    I’m attending this convention myself, and I’m really looking forward to meeting Joisel in person after seeing all his marvelous creations over the years.

    And for the commenter above who asked about it being cut: no, there are no cuts, no rips, no tears, no glue, it’s just one big folded square sheet of paper. Modern origami is mindblowingly different than the cranes that we all folded in elementary school, and Joisel is most definitely a master of it.

  2. Crash! Bang! says:


    howly cowly. that is amazing. that guy is a true artiste

  3. Esther Sassaman says:

    Full of humour and character.

    There is a photo on his site of a knight, half-made, that shows the protrusions being made – it’s definitely one sheet!

  4. iguanoid says:

    No big deal. Its just a slight modification on the origami crane.

  5. Joel Johnson says:

    They’ve got to be cut somewhere, right? Or ripped? How else would they get those protrusions? (Not that it diminishes the work in the least; just technical curiosity.)

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