Screensaver displays security cam images


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  1. nothingistrue says:

    anyone with a mirror of the download? sounds awesome.

  2. Bonnie says:

    so has anyone here seen themselves on the security cam screensaver yet? :-p

  3. Dave Parker says:

    I wonder if it has a list for links or uses google.

    You can find open web cams using google.

  4. soulbarn says:

    Not to bring the conversation down to a practical level, but if you’re wondering how to make it work, extract the ZIP; you’ll get a qtz file. Drag that into ~/library/screensavers, then activate it in system prefs.

  5. DemiGuru says:

    After a few very long minutes of staring at those surveillance camera images. I have to admit that I find this to be addictive. Very much like a gambling addict hoping that the next hand will be the winning one. Who knows maybe the next image might be a “candid” one.
    Back to staring at those images.

  6. nothingistrue says:

    I find the recordings of scanner (robin rimbaud) to be particularly apropos in the background while this is active on your screen:

  7. husayndas says:

    this is awesome. it’s my new screen saver.

  8. michael05 says:

    here is a mirror. sorry. i don’t know whats up with the server..

  9. michael05 says:

    sorry for the delay.. but make: posted it, too. now the cache works and the site should load faster.

  10. nothingistrue says:

    thanks, downloaded and working… I love it! thanks michael, it’s a beautiful piece of work. look forward to future development (possibly with subtitled location data?)

  11. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Alek, that’s a good alternative, what with the Iowa Corn Cam being currently offline.

  12. Robert says:

    Heck with the security images… that’s an interesting-looking IDE!

  13. fcummins says:

    Software as art. It’s absolutely lovely!

  14. abfo says:

    For PC users, check out Catfood
    . The same page also has Google Gadget and Vista Sidebar versions.

  15. red_tom says:

    Scanner was our neighbour in Bethnal Green for a few years. Lovely guy, although we did wonder if our conversations were going to end up on his next album.

  16. Simon Greenwood says:

    Neal Stephenson wrote about something like this in a Wired special back when all this was fields. The addition was that while you watched cameras from around the world, if you saw something suspicious, you could alert someone to do something about it. While you were asleep, other people were watching cameras near you and would do the same. He’s not pursuing the idea now, but there’s no reason that someone shouldn’t.

  17. Flying Squid says:

    It is a neat idea, but hurt by Apple’s brilliant displays which make a low-res image like one from a web security camera not look all that great.

  18. deusdiabolus says:

    Random real-time images of public places as idle entertainment for endusers. I like it.

  19. WakA says:

    hah, beautiful! Inset image is the view from the the entrance of the central public library of Groningen, The Netherlands :) Go figure :P

  20. devolve says:

    I wasn’t too pleased with watching just one cam at a time, so I made a Quad display of it. (it’s somewhat buggy)

  21. Zaren says:

    Looks like someone elese posted about the site as well, as it’s not currently responding.

    (Is there a documented “boing boing effect”? I’ve never seen a site linked from here go to pift before.)

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