Google Sketchup for Dummies


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  1. darsal says:

    Unfortunately though, SketchUp is one of the few Google apps that isn’t offered in a working Linux version. I tried it under Wine, but it complains about my display and won’t run.

    That’s not a total showstopper for me, but it’s not important enough for me to fire up the legacy Windows box very often. It’s not like it’s Lightroom or anything…

  2. BSUWG says:

    Kind of funny that anyone figured a “for dummies” book was necessary for SketchUp. The whole point of the program itself is to serve as more or less a “3D for Dummies” kind of thing. I don’t mean that as a criticism, either; SketchUp rocks! When you first run the program and spend an hour with the tutorials, you’ve already mastered pretty much everything.

  3. sexyrobot says:

    does this work with second life? (i.e. can you import 3d items from sketchup to sl?) that’d be cool…

  4. Burz says:

    Sketchup is ambrosia!

    Its a shame Google don’t have a release yet for Linux, though.

  5. Büromöbel addicted says:

    interesting. i never heard before about google sketchup i think i give it a try and play a little bit around with it, a nice tutorial has Aidan delivered :)

  6. BK says:

    I agree that the Dummies book is excellent. There are some additional blog entries and videos on the Fine Woodworking website that nicely complement Chopra’s book and videos.

  7. brettreasure says:

    Nup, doesn’t work in Second Life. You’re stuck with parametric geometry. Everything else generates too many prims when you import it.

  8. Ssslonkey says:

    yo peeps, make sure you also check out for some really great sketchup stuff…. podcasts, dvds, forums. excellent sketchup training resource. dig!

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