New masked hoodies from Anticon

200711070646 Anticon has some new masked hoodies for sale. I like this one, called Nippon, but reminds me more of a Mexican wrestler. Link


  1. Rey Mysterio called, he wants his hoodie back.

    On a more (or less) serious note, imagine the heart palpitations the nanny state will have when they see these.

  2. I agree with TNH–Chinese opera. It gives me a really bad impression of a company when they name something “Nippon” (Japan) when the design is Chinese. Do they just not know better, or do they think we don’t know better, or do they not care? It happens way too often.

  3. Paris Hilton was wearing one of these, with a skeleton design, in her “Porn Shop Freak Out” security video footage.

  4. I see the skeleton ones (and knock-offs) around Berkeley and Oakland, CA all the time. These are a lot nicer.

    I love the striped one since it has a sort of “CAUTION ZONE” thing going on, I just wish it came in a yellow&black version.

    Have you guys seen the totally whacky stuff over at Headhoods?
    I don’t know if I’d ever wear it, but I love the concept.

  5. Don’t wear these in Italy, or you’ll get your ass arrested for being a terrorist! (Britain too maybe.)

  6. I suspect that the hood is called “Nippon” due to its strong similarity to the masks worn by some Japanese pro-wrestlers, especially the mask of Masanori Murakawa aka The Great Sasuke.

    Murakawa adopted the identity and mask of Ninja Sasuke while touring the Mexican wrestling circuit and he kept the mask and took the name The Great Sasuke upon his return to Japan. In 2003, the Great Sasuke was elected to the Iwate Prefectural Assembly, making him perhaps the first actual masked legislator in the history of representative government.

    — SCAM

    P.S. I’m not a nerd.

  7. the white model -which appears to be discontinued- was on digg a while back. It would appear that someone let anticon in on the joke.

    obviously, the target audience would be the hipster,mac-loving-slacker-type clansman.
    How much more dangerous would it be to wear the white hoodie than the black? I would rather be mistaken for a terrorist -my preference being a ninja or a monkey….do they make one with an eye patch?

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