Paintings inspired by spam subject-lines


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  1. word_virus says:

    I’m reminded of Ellen Forney’s “Lustlab” comics. Illustrated adaptations of the juicier personals in Seattle’s Stranger magazine. Check ‘em out:

  2. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    See also, Formal poetry riffing on spam. Don’t miss the comment thread.

  3. Aaron Lemur Mintz says:

    There’s always Spamusement, which doesn’t really update anymore, but is still the greatest thing on three legs.

  4. Lexica says:

    Also, Outside the Inbox, “a compilation of songs inspired by and titled after the subject lines of mass-email”.

  5. linzie says:

    Thanks for featuring my project.

    Prints are now available via Thumbtack Press

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