Toilet sign in Korea warns to be on the lookout for sickos

From OK Future:
200711091457One could reasonably infer from this sign that the Koreans have a major problem with men peeking into women’s toilet stalls.


  1. This is kind of a tangent, but it’s nice to see it spelled “peeking” and not “peaking.” So… props to you.

  2. posted by morley , November 9, 2007 3:40 PM
    maybe it’s just a unisex bathroom and the urinals are half-way up the wall.


    Personally, I don’t want men PEAKING *or* PEEKING into the stall when I’m in there, TYVM.

    I wish I could read what the Korean text says…I can only imagine:

    Women – you may use this restroom, however, we have supplied men with mechanisms with which to watch you do so. Namely, we have installed ladders on the outsides of each of the stalls.

  3. What is going on there? Is it a unisex bathroom? Is the bathroom a cubicle instead of a separate room? Are they telling me I’m supposed to look over the stall? Do women in Korea pee standing up?

    Very confusing.

  4. actually this is just a joke sign that you can buy in various stores in korea. ive seen it at bars and things. although sometimes there is only one bathroom in a bar and i have been barged in on by a very surprised woman.

  5. Haha, we made a T-Shirt of this at J-LIst!
    (Since posting of URLs is apparently turned off here, go to jlist dot come and search for “SHIRT-WARNING2”)

  6. hahaa… wow!! as a wedding photographer here in Santa Barbara, I can only imagine documenting this if someone pulled a prank and actually tacked one of these up in a bathroom in america… it’d be hilarious to see people’s reactions to the sign!

  7. I’m a VJ here in Seoul Korea. I created an animated version of this sign to use in my VJ set. Check it out on my site, link next to my name about.

  8. I’ve seen photos of the Japanese version of the same sign. I don’t know if they’re actually used anywhere, or merely a joke; but yes, we do have co-ed bathrooms here.

  9. @ 15

    Unless things are pretty different in Japan, I don’t think your toilets are *co-ed*

    *Unisex* maybe.

  10. This is being piloted in Asian. They are going to post similar signs in restrooms that may be frequented by former Presidents and current Senators of the US.

  11. Interesting…I was shocked at first…now I’m laughing. After thinking about it, that is a good “warning sign.”

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