Fast-food toxicity comparison chart

The Calorie Counter website has pulled together a great chart comparing the "nutritional" information from the "kitchens" of a variety of junk-food fast-food places. If you're trying to figure out how to slow down the rate at which your trans-fat/ high-fructose/ ground-grade-z- beef habit is killing you, you can use this chart to pick the best of the worst. And hell, if you're trying to commit suicide-by-burger, here's the roadmap you need to get yourself into the grave ASAP. Link (via Kottke)


  1. As a caregiver for an elderly family member who has the classic metabolic suite of disability: diabetes type 2, mild dementia, heart disease and low funcioning kindeys (approx 25%), finding food he will eat while travelling is difficult at best so I take carefull note of the nutritional charts. Notice the good old MacDonalds burger is relatively low in sodium…lower than a typical bran muffin for that matter…a lot lower in many cases. And the bun is the biggest source of sodium for that burger. Even a regular sized bag of french fries has less sodium than the burger’s bun.
    Nowadays everyone is checked for high blood pressure, even a commercial drivers license will require the driver’s BP to be normal…so lots of BP medicine is being dispensed even though our intake of salt is probably the biggest factor.

  2. I know his heart is in the right place, but I can’t help but notice something.

    The difference between “best” and “worst” is basically a matter of size.

    Sonic fries (best) have 2.87 calories per gram

    Dairy Queen (worst) is actually slightly better at 2.61 calories per gram. But DQ’s large is bigger. (you can still top it by getting the Sonic Size)

    So… eat less. That makes sense.

  3. Yeah, this guy’s conclusions are worthless because he’s not comparing serving sizes. You’re really going to compare the saturated fat in a 58 gram White Castle burger to the saturated fat in a 602 gram Double Six Dollar Burger? Really?

    Also, the calories discussion is a bit silly. You’re probably going to want to eat more than 58 calories (or 602 calories) per day, so green lining a single White Castle burger for low calories is fairly useless. Comparing sodium-per-calorie or fat-per-calorie would be more revealing.

  4. Since Long John Silvers isn’t listed, I’ll take that to mean that everything on their menu is healthy. Extra crispies, here I come!

  5. I have an old fashioned idea about eating healthier food. I’m asking why we need hamburgers and fries in the first place. Why not ask your wife to learn to cook if she doesn’t already know how or else try it yourself. Don’t use the excuse of not having the time. It takes longer sometimes just to get ready to go out than it would to just cook at home.

    After a few weeks of eating good home cooked food where you get to add the salt, you won’t care which burger or fries has the most sodium. You wouldn’t dare touch them except maybe in an emergency. With me that’s about twice a year or less.

    I have to go now, the aroma of our home cooked stew, oven baked corn bread and fresh apple nut cake is pulling me away from this laptop like a magnet.
    from ceebie

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