New psi-fi paintings by Chris Reccardi

 Files Art Cosmopollus Persuit1  Files Art Cosmopollus Knobs
Chris Reccardi has a fantastic new show of psi-fi paintings and prints opening this Saturday, November 17, at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, California. Chris is a veteran of the animation world, having worked on classics like The Ren & Stimpy Show, The Powerpuff Girls, and Samurai Jack as a designer, writer, director, and even musician. This upcoming exhibition, titled Cosmopollus, runs until December 14. Follow the link for an exclusive sneak preview of the mind-blowing art. Link (Thanks, Andrew Brandou!)


  1. Has Reccardi worked on the Erin Esurance campaign? Does his specific visual idiom precede that of Shag?

  2. If this art style appeals to you and you’d like to immerse yourself in such a universe I highly recommend checking out the video game Psychonauts by Double Fine (Tim Schafer). The dialogue is as meticulously crafted and head-swimmingly surreal as the visual presentation; truly a game for English and art majors alike. (turn your speakers down before clicking!)

  3. Boy, art is getting so weird these days, and I love it. So much of the art Boing Boing seems to like is… well, what would you call it? Pop art?

    I have some close friends that are artists and they probably hate this stuff for not being highbrow enough, but I love it.

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