Truffle hunting


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  1. june says:

    I’ve heard that dogs are better than pigs, because pigs will always try to eat the truffles but dogs aren’t usually that interested in them. They get rewarded with a doggy treat and that’s what they want!

  2. alephnul says:

    “Most of the hunting is done surreptitiously at night without [a landowner's] permission. ”

    You are dealing here with trespassers and thieves.

    I suspect that our climate here in Colorado is an inauspicious one for truffles, which would be fortunate for Mr. Lefevre.Though it is not strictly legally permissible there is good precedent established here such that if I shoot and kill the son of a bitch while he is stealing something on my property I will probably not be prosecuted for it.

  3. Landowner says:

    If anyone wants to hunt my truffles they have my permission.

  4. mattymatt says:

    “If you’re driving around with a pig, everyone knows what you’re doing.”

    … or they suspect something even worse.

  5. French Blue says:

    The drawback of truffling with a pig is that the pig is drawn to the truffle because it identifies the scent as that of a sow in heat. So when a truffle is found, you have the job of separating an animal the size of a small tractor and in a sexual frenzy from the object of its affections.

    No wonder my neighbour uses a dog.

  6. Crash says:

    Skulking around someone’s land without his permission in Oregon seems hazardous.

  7. Gilbert Wham says:

    “sells trees inoculated with European truffles so farmers in the US can start their own truffle orchards.”

    To my knowledge, whilst this has been attempted, no one has yet been successful.

  8. sleeping_ox says:

    “sells trees inoculated with European truffles so farmers in the US can start their own truffle orchards”

    Maybe I’m totally wrong, but doesn’t this just smack of alien species being brought to a land where the trees might not be resistant to it? I’m not sure if truffles hurt the tree, but still…

  9. EdT. says:

    Be vewwwy, vewwwy qwiet…

  10. Graham Threat says:

    just a heads up, even though Truffles and mushrooms are very similar, truffles and mushrooms are not the same thing.

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