HOWTO make a stove-top tin-can popcorn popper

A few minutes' work with a pair of scissors and some sandpaper can turn a tin-can into a stove-top (or candle-lantern- top) popcorn maker. Link (Thanks, Sylvio!)


  1. There is circumstantial evidence linking this metal (AL) with Alzheimer’s disease but no causal relationship has yet been proved. As evidence for other causes continues to grow, a possible link with aluminium seems increasingly unlikely.

    Epidemiologic evidence strongly suggests a causal role for local environmental conditions relating to availability of aluminum, calcium, and magnesium. In view of the fact that a major consequence of acid rain is the liberation of large amounts of aluminum in bioavailable forms, concerns are raised about possible human health risks of this environmental phenomenon.

    I’ll not take my chances. I also don’t consume ecstasy, meth, or dope, bzishi.

  2. Got you one better. Learned this from Alton Brown.

    1 brown paper lunch sack
    1/3 cup of corn
    2 staples

    Place corn in bag. Fold over top of bag twice 1/4 inch thick. Staple* bag shut at ends.

    Microwave for 2+ minutes (my unit take 2:07 to pop properly.)

    Remove from bag, apply seasoning. Enjoy.

    *Now you might be saying, “Staples? Isn’t that metal in a microwave?” Sure, but the metal is small enough that nothing bad can happen. Although in a pinch i’ve been known to do the cut/fold in opposite direction method instead of staples and it works fine.


    heating aluminum has been known to cause alzheimer’s and many other nasty things. please do NOT under any circumstances use aluminum cans to pop popcorn.

  4. Aluminum cans are coated on the interior with a chemical compound called bisphenol A. There are potential health risks involved, I can’t imagine heating the can would help in this regard. Probably not the best thing to do. Check out the Wikipedia entry for more info:

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