Knitted breast prosthesis

Beryl Tsang, a cancer survivor who lost her right breast to the disease, didn't like any of the prosthetic breasts available. So she knitted her own! Beryl posted the plans on or you can buy a set from her Titbits site. From
 Issuefall05 Images Titbitsbeauty I finished my first knitted titty an hour before the party and wore it with one of my favorite lacy underwires. When a friend, who had been following the whole titty saga, saw me she remarked, "You really did a great job! Your left breast looks almost as good as the right one -- a bit lumpy but very realistic."

"You know," I replied, "It was my right breast that was removed."
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  1. so, it looks like you can get a new titty on knitty?

    the teenage boy in me just couldn’t resist… go ahead and moderate. i just *had* to satisfy the juvenile urge :-)

  2. My sister used to live with a couple of drag queens and they used a similar thing; a sealed sandwich bag full of wallpaper paste tied off in the foot of an old pair of nylons (the knot makes the nipple, you see). Surprisingly realistic.

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