Customized SMTP server trumps stupid, made up email EULAs


2 Responses to “Customized SMTP server trumps stupid, made up email EULAs”

  1. ill lich says:

    So. . . it will be a war of competing EULAs, I’d like to see how that would play out in court if it ever got that far: “But your Honor, by reading my email he was agreeing to forfeit all rights. . . ”

    counter: “Objection, your Honor, by sending me that email he was also forfeiting all rights.”

  2. mojo_jojo says:

    I call this session of KiddyGarden Court to order. Council, you may proceed:

    My EULA can beat up your EULA!
    Can not!
    Can so!
    Nuh uh!
    Yuh huh!
    (ad infinitum, or until one combatant bites, kicks, or scratches the other, thus invoking the Principle’s Office Act)

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