First Firefox 3 Beta ready for download

Al sez, "This is a Mozilla DevNews article announcing the release of the first beta of Firefox 3. You can download it from this link (which Mozilla asks that people go to in order to read the information included in it)."

I'm downloading it now. First beta == interesting curiosity, but nothing I plan on using on a regular basis. Still, I saw a demo of the Firefox 3 beta a couple weeks ago at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin, and it was amazing -- particularly the zoom-whole-page feature that lets you resize all the elements on a page, up or down, including images and form elements. No more squinting at tiny webcomic writing! No more tedious side-scrolling for huge-mongoose inline images! Link (Thanks, Al!)


  1. …particularly the zoom-whole-page feature that lets you resize all the elements on a page, up or down, including images and form elements.

    Hasn’t Opera had that feature for years?

  2. I love it, but I probably won’t upgrade until some reasonable subset of what I consider to be these essential extensions are supported:

    Adblock Plus
    IE Tab

    For what it’s worth, I usually also install:

    User Agent Switcher

  3. The ‘zoom whole page’ feature is already part of Internet Explorer 7. In fact several elements of IE7 surpass Safari and Firefox 2, including support for higher screen dpi.

    I’ve got a WUXGA laptop (1900×1200, HD resolution, 150dpi) and only IE7 works properly on it.

  4. @ #3

    It’s also been part of Opera for a loooong time. I think there’s also some extensions for Firefox that try to do the same thing.

    Still, good to see it finally getting into Firefox proper. Now if they added all the other nice things from Opera…

  5. Opera has whole page zoom (conveniently placed on ⌘+Numpad+ and ⌘+Numpad-) for ages.

    BTW, I tried logging in to send the comment, but I keep getting this error:

    Can't call method "datasource" on an undefined value at /var/www/boing-cgi/mt/plugins/CustomFields/lib/CustomFields/Template/ line 91.
  6. I hate to start this discussion, but..

    I think Opera added the zoom whole page feature in their version 7.

    That is, five years ago.

    </your favorite browser sucks>

    By the way, the login page is down at the moment

  7. @Andrew Denny
    I agree the page zoom is nothing to get excited about since IE7 came out. However I still prefer to use FF if at all possible because imo it surpasses IE7 on a lot more counts than IE7 surpasses it.

  8. @musicman
    filterset.g is woefully outdated. AdBlock Plus is the way to go these days. Just subscribe or one or two lists and you’re all set.

  9. Screen zoom is kind of cool I guess, OS X has supported full screen zoom for your entire desktop for years now.

    IE7 users 1 upped! :p

  10. The way FF3’s address bar was described to me, it seemed like they were creating a bigger problem than they were trying to solve. Computer novices should not be subjected to URL-mangling browsers that supposedly insulate them from ‘nasty details’. The original intent was to emphasize the domain name, but became perverted into something different that censors bits of the URL, chopping it up into nonsense.

  11. I downloaded it and didn’t see any real differences.

    However, the text in this comment box is now illegible. Hmm…

  12. Is the new FF going to be less of a memory hog? Mine got up to 77% of CPU while it was opening this window.

  13. AdBlock is supported. So is NoScript. I’m running FF3b1 now. Everything’s running noticeably faster. I haven’t tried to blow the memory fragmentation issue up yet, but I find that this installation is a pleasure to use so far. Pages render much faster.

    Of course, the page zoom isn’t the biggest feature here. It’s primarily the back-end stuff that’s getting an overhaul. Gecko 1.9 (which incorporates Cairo) and bookmarks can be tagged due to the new SQL bookmark backend (this is nice). Something like 300 memory complaints and bugs have been fixed.

    The new backend will allow a better feeling of OS-integration, supposedly. FF on OSX will use cocoa widgets, toning down the ugly on a mac.

    And how long did FF take at %77? Mine usually jumps up to %80-odd upon launching for…oh…about half a second. I’d hate it if one’s goal in life was to leave processing power unused. But then again, I run Folding@home.

  14. Nice and slick. Slightly better page rendering. It will take a bit more to get me away from WebKit/Safari

  15. By the way…is there something up with the log in dealy? I’m having trouble logging in on my non-cookied session as well.

  16. As long as FFox 3 doesn’t end up using 400mb of memory after leaving it open for a few days, I’ll be happy.

  17. did someone say fast? On my mac is it even slower and MORE sluggish scrolling the bb frontpage than even FF2…which is a dog compared to safari.

    It is incomprehensible that a browser can suck up so much memory AND be so sluggish at the same time.

    I will pass, thank you very much.

  18. Thanks for your link, i will surely give-up a try for my mac by downloading this beta version, which will helpful i guess…

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