Digital Africa DJ mix from DJ Spooky

DJ Spooky has posted an incredibly lovely, Africa-themed mixfile. He explains...

Brian Eno once famously remarked that the problem with computers is that there isn't enough Africa in them. I kind of think that its the opposite: they're bringing the ideals of Africa: after all, computers are about connectivity, shareware, a sense of global discussion about topics and issues, the relentless density of info overload, and above all the willingness to engage and discuss it all - that's something you could find on any street corner in Africa.

I just wanted to highlight the point: Digital Africa is here, and has been here for a while. This isn't "retro" - it's about the future.

Link to "Ghost World: A Story in Sound," by DJ Spooky the Subliminal Kid, produced for the Dokolo Foundation at the Venice Biennial 2007. (thanks, Susannah Breslin!)

UPDATE: Some users have reported that the website crashes Firefox, though that wasn't my experience -- anyway, here's a direct link to the M4a file!