Mistresses of GW Bush pinup calendar highlights the special interests behind the President

Veronica sez, "I'm a burlesque performer in NYC and me and a bunch of the girls and NYC photographer Burke Heffner created the calendar 'The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush.' It's a beautiful, vintage styled pinup calendar. Each girl represents a special interest group or corporation that has profited from Bush being in power. The calendar is topical, environmentally friendly, and 25% of the profits are going to watchdog organizations that monitor corporate influence over our government." Link (Thanks, Veronica!)


  1. Oh, the temptation is huge. The sample pages they show are wonderful. Tasteful and witty. And the woman are hot, which never hurts ;)

  2. …Heh, heh, heh! This for some reason reminds me of Bush Sr’s flap after Rekjavik, where he was accused of having fracked around with one of his secretaries at the summit while Barb was off shopping somewhere. However, when the See-BS news finally ran a picture of the secretary in question and exposed the fact that she was a) older and b) *UGLIER* than Barbara Bush, the whole matter got dropped quicker than an open can of anthrax.

  3. Love the variety of era’s and content. And the girls, hotz (more so since they’re involved in an intelligent project like this).

  4. OM..what? Someone older AND uglier than Barbara Bush? Poppy’s got a serious fetish for feckless…Aliester Crowley must be chucklin’ in his fiery grave.

  5. Somehow I never imagined the Child of the New Aeon would look so much like Alfred E. Neuman.

  6. This is a truly beautiful calender. Brilliant photos, gorgeous ladies, fantastic idea. Buy one for yourself and one for your best friend!

  7. HOTT ladies AND political snark in one gift – Merry Christmas, indeed!!!!!!

    Hmm… you think Hillary will let Bill have a copy?

  8. What a GREAT send off for the most loathsome person ever born!!!
    Can we expect the “Mistresses of Karl Rove” next or would that be too much to ask???
    Great job V and Burke!!!

  9. @ Dip: Would Jeff Gannon be among the “Mistresses of Karl Rove”?

    @ Teresa: Actually, on my last psychedelic excursion, five years ago now, I had an insight that W was an unwitting agent of The Age of Aquarius/Aeon of Horus by poisoning public opinion against whatever it was for which he stood. These days that seems ever more likely.

  10. This calendar goes to my local auto mechanic. He may like GBush, but he will love the pictures better.

  11. @ Dogu4: it’s a true story. Apparently someone started a rumor that Bush Sr. was fooling around behind Barbara’s back, and tipped the press off just to see how far they’d carry it. After it was discovered that the paramour-in-question was *NOT* appealing – even to some old, desperate farts – the question that remained more in the forefront wasn’t who was responsible for the claim, but whether it was a gag being played on then-VEEP Bush, or on the press!

  12. This thing looks great! Finally, a fun and sexy way to draw attention to the undercurrents driving our political scene. A big “Thanks!” to the creators!

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