Merlin Mann's productivity talk at IDEO

Productivity guy Merlin Mann did a great presentation for IDEO, a great design shop. He talks about how to regulate the technological systems in your life, and how to get the people around you to play along. I spend a lot of time with overheads -- answering emails, organizing stuff, following up -- and Merlin's ideas on this stuff are really smart. Link (Thanks, Avi!)

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  1. Have been looking for exactly this…sorting out the technological communications and productivity side of your life.

    Thanks Cory!

  2. And the #1 productivity tip… video is tied for second-to-last place among all communications media available to humankind, when it comes to information carried per unit of time. The only thing I can think of that loses out to it is Morse code.

    So why is a ‘productivity guru’ appearing on a video clip with no transcript? If I had time for this, I wouldn’t need to listen to the guru in the first place.

    /pet peeve

  3. I saw Merlin give a productivity talk that centered on his idea “inbox zero”, where we strive to keep an empty inbox at all times by using one of a few simple actions against every email that makes it to the inbox. The actions are “do, defer, delete, respond, delegate”.

    I’m living inbox zero since I saw the talk and have never been happier about my inbox and day to day productivity.

  4. Merlin was like really interesting? The only problem I had? Was that even though he was making a lot of sense? He kind of ended every sentence? In a question mark?

    Maybe I am just old, and from the east coast originally, but the Valspeak was very hard ignore.

    I am tempted to order his book though, so thanks for the link.

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