Pie that looks like George W wins contest with no votes


9 Responses to “Pie that looks like George W wins contest with no votes”

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    I wonder if it tasted inept though?

    Hope not.

  2. Brian Damage says:

    Was this a Diebold pie contest perchance?

  3. kristofer says:

    I don’t see it…. one of those optical delusions type things? Does look good though, I haven’t got to the Apple pie my mom made yet..

  4. bour3 says:

    Gets my vote.

  5. jstruan says:

    It’s clearly Alfred E. Neuman.

  6. cyenobite says:

    Looks more like Charlie Brown to me :)

  7. A New Challenger says:

    Thanks to Brain Damage my damaged brain finally got the joke.

    The likeness is uncanny, it perfectly captures the apples in his face.

  8. mongip says:

    apparently an unrelated visage hunts a traumatized mind. sorry for your pain Marty Z. File that under another reason to boycott familial Thanksgiving!

  9. mrfitz says:

    The crust looks perfect.

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