Wooden car with split modern/vintage personality


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  1. ill lich says:

    WHAT is it about Opels in Russia/Ukraine/etc? There was another photo-set making the rounds on the internet of a guy in Russia (or former USSR republic) that built an electric car out of an old Opel body? It’s like the old air-cooled VWs were in the US.

  2. romwell says:

    OMG that’s insane ! I hope he sells this for enough money to compensate for all the expenses + time & work, leaving enough to create more stuff like this =)

    As an aside, the idea of old/modern blend is kewt, but the car obviously belongs more to displays & exhibitions, as opposed to actually being used as a means of transportation. I wish he makes something of equal awe that can still be used practically (like those wooden mice/keyboards, but with cars =)

  3. sijarvis says:

    Apparently he went to start it up and unfortunately the engine just wooden go.

  4. Latarsha says:

    Now THAT’s what you’d call that pursuit of passion.

    It’s great to see that someone had the courage to make their dream a reality.

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