Caricatures are more effective than police sketches


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  1. Nekura20x6 says:

    They really should adopt William Gibson’s idea from “Virtual Light”. The cops in his world use a program called “Separated at Birth” that takes a photograph of a suspect and figures out which celebrity they look most like. That way the cops can say, “Hey, have you seen a guy that looks like a young Tommy Lee Jones?”

  2. flufftronix says:

    I just hope this results in jet skis, tennis racquets, and cotton candy making their way onto wanted posters.

  3. Nekura20x6 says:

    Crap – I missed the first comment on my initial read through. Sorry!

  4. Gilbert Wham says:

    Reminds me a bit of Gibson’s ‘Separated at Birth’ software from Virtual Light, that identifies people according to which celebrity they resemble. A piece of software that doesn’t exist yet, but needs writing.

  5. coldspell says: has a celebrity face matcher for face photos you upload (free and no registration):

  6. Dan Wineman says:

    Sounds like they’ve shown it works for celebrities’ faces, not anyone else’s. Did they allow for the fact that celebrities might be more recognizable than ordinary folks because their features are unusually attractive, or even just unusual?

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