Lingro: translate every word on every webpage, in real time, with free/open dictionaries

Paul sez, "Lingro lets you enter any webpage and make every word clickable for a translation (Boing Boing for example). There's a bookmarklet for handy access, and a simple search-as-you-type dictionary that is faster than any multilingual web dictionary out there.

"It works with English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Polish (with more on the way) and if you find a missing word, you can add a definition.

"Our goal is to make the coolest language learning tools, build community, and build open content dictionaries that anyone (even our competitors) can use in their projects (licensed under the FDL and Creative Commons licenses)."

The use-case here is people who are pretty good at reading another language, but get stuck on the occasional word (I'm this way with Spanish), but more importantly, the project builds on and releases free and open multi-lingual dictionaries, which are long overdue. Link (Thanks, Paul!)


  1. I use the tool for this. What I like about and their tool, 1-Click Answers, is that they combine a variety of sources from different perspectives, all in a friendly font and setting.

    I don’t work for them or have friends who work there, I’m just a geek who is fanboy about them.

    Caveat Lector.

  2. Never mind language translation, how about Cory translation? In Cory’s last post, he said:

    “…I explain why Facebook and all the other social networking services live in a boom-and-bust cycle because they get crufted up with people you don’t want to add to your friends list, but have to for social reasons.”

    I wanted to point to ‘crufted up’ and WTF it!

    Does he mean it’s full of dogs? Never heard that word before. Mebbe you have, but my point is that I speak good Doctorow, almost like a native (I’m an international Londoner like him) but there are still words that stump me.

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