Microsoft's horrible "Office Online Gift Guide"


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  1. kfunque says:

    Come on now, guys… surely the PowerPoint backgrounds are worth it just to be able to add “the end” in the style of 1990′s sci fi titles to the backside of your presentation.

  2. TheOneCallGuy says:

    The title of this article should have been:

    “Great Gift Ideas for Your Ex”

    or better yet

    “Great Gift Ideas for Your Ex’s Attorney”


  3. mellowknees says:

    if anyone knows of a freeware alternative for the “make powerpoint into flash” utility, please post it. I’m a tad leary of purchasing it when they can’t spell the name of the software correctly – this is quoted directly from the download/purchase site for it:

    ‘This holiday, gift authorPOINT at the best discount ever.

    Perfect holiday gift – $299 $49 only

    or Try auothorPOINT’

    Oooh – I can’t wait to purchase AUOTHORPOINT! It’ll go great with my SORNY speakers and my POWOOWORPOINT program.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No goatse, but I WAS struck by the very christian-looking imagery in that picture. White robe, hands folded as if in offering or supplication, the red ribbon forms a cross…
    Dunno what the intent could be, but it’s kind of hard to ignore once you look at it that way.

  5. Robert says:

    At first, I looked at this list from the geek perspective. “Oh, look, PDF995 does PDF from documents for free on a PC… if you don’t have a Mac.”

    Then I looked at the list again. You have a sad, sad job if you need “professional backgrounds for PowerPoint or a “must-have” tool for Excel that “pros” use…

  6. bhorst says: lets you take slideshows (in the ISO-standard ODF format, or from Microsoft’s PowerPoint format) and export them to Flash. This feature has been there since version 2.0, I believe (about 2 years old or so).

  7. Anonymous says:

    There are a lot of things on here I wouldn’t consider purchasing, but I have to admit I like the discount on PhotoStamps. I would have bought them anyway, but it’s nice to get a discount.

  8. devophill says:

    Best part about the $199 Professional Backgrounds? “This awesome product normally retails at $299.”

  9. beatnik says:

    That page, and just about every page it links to, kills a little bit of your soul. Seriously.

  10. Crash says:

    #2, Dave X: If they’re free, they’d hardly be gifts, now would they.

  11. V(irtual)D(espot) says:

    Lumps of coal! And you probably can’t even burn them without violating the EULA.

  12. Xenu says:

    Goatse? No, but I think Freud needs to have a word with you, Mr. Sputnik.

  13. mellowknees says:

    Bhorst, you are my hero. THANK YOU!

  14. anthropomorphictoast says:

    Only one thing worse than getting this for Christmas……..Vista.

  15. pambamboo says:

    Oh Hey! Let’s not be too hard on #6 – Mr Sputnik there. When he came on this post and saw the samll image i too thought “goatse? that’s sooo microsoft!” So I changed my mind when I clicked on the link – though I don’t see the christian imagery either.


  16. dculberson says:

    The idea of giving these as gifts is laughable… but then I thought about the content:

    “Create and convert PDF forms in Word”

    The key word for me here is “forms.” Creating PDF’s is easy, creating fill-in PDF forms is not. Pdf995 doesn’t seem to support forms, and I know GhostScript isn’t the easiest thing in the world to make forms with. Acrobat Standard doesn’t support forms that allow saving of form data – you need Pro or 3D for that, $449 or $995 respectively. Now I need to research free alternatives, but $14.95 isn’t bad at all if it lets you save the form data!

    Err… not that any of the preceding means it would make a good gift. It wouldn’t.

  17. Schmorgluck says:

    Having no more friends at all : priceless!

    Yeah, I know: that was an easy one.

  18. Dave X says:

    Someone should really find freeware alternatives for all these, and post them.

  19. absimiliard says:

    Do these work on Debian? Not very good gifts for me otherwise.


  20. Bob Lawbla says:

    mmm … breezy flowcharts.

  21. cinemajay says:

    “Professional” backgrounds for PowerPoint at $199!!!! Are they serious?

    A. Shouldn’t they have thought of that when they were creating PowerPoint in the first place?

    2. Does that mean the included backrounds are “unprofessional”?

    C. $199??? That’s more than the upgrade price for their operating system?


  22. Sputnik says:

    Does anybody else see Goatse in that logo?

    God, I hope it isn’t just me.

  23. mrfitz says:

    “Gee…just what I wanted…a buy one…get one office pack.”

    “Thanks for the socks hun.”

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