Bionic cat X-ray


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  1. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    That’s a lot of adamantium. In the meantime, the technology that needs to be applied first is screens on the windows.

  2. Crash says:

    Perhaps the cat is depressed.

  3. Kobie says:

    I’ve read that cat injuries increase with altitude up until the seventh floor. After that the cats seem to have more time to think about the situation, relax and land better and so injuries actually decrease in floors higher than the seventh floor. Presumably there’s a limit to this – throwing them off the space shuttle probably wouldn’t work.

  4. Noelegy says:

    We have this amazing thing where I live, called WINDOW SCREENS.

  5. Quibbler says:

    The definitive article was in “natural history” 1989 (I think it was also featured in “Nature”). Obviously it is unethical to do actual experiments so the data was rather limited, but did seem to show that intermediate heights were the killers.

  6. clifford says:

    I can has bionics?

  7. joncro says:

    OK, you are really going to have to STOP reading the Daily Mail. It’s bad for the health. Look at this article for example:

    written by the actual woman who recorded the jokey announcements for the tube. The Mail invented their story.

    Seriously, Britain has some good newspapers. the Daily Mail is not one of them.

  8. insomma says:

    “We think she fell from the third floor of a building. Contrary to popular belief, cats don’t always land on their feet – Baby landed on her back.”

    So what happened to her legs?

  9. deusdiabolus says:

    “I know I shouldn’t have the window open, but Baby always cries so pitifully if she doesn’t feel the breeze…she’s the child I never had and I can’t help but spoil her.”

  10. Anonymous says:

    oh so sad i hope it doesnt bother him

  11. Sarah Neptune says:

    @ #12: Yeah, there’s a limit, but I think it’s below the 7th floor, which is pretty far from earth already. A friend’s cat who fell out of the window of her 10th floor apartment did not remotely survive.

    There’s making adjustments to land better, and then there’s acceleration due to gravity… :(

  12. outlanderssc says:

    “Bionic” would imply that at the implants have electronic or hydraulic components -

    These seem to simply be metal splints

  13. kip w says:

    Screens, eh? I was thinking they could magnetize the windowsills.

  14. elaineous says:

    Sounds like the cat needs a new owner. How can you let your pet fall out the window THREE TIMES ? There’s nothing cool about this, it is sad.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Nice! Hey that cat looks pregnant… I think I see 2 kittens?

  16. freshyill says:

    If you like bionic cats and comics about bionic cats, check out We3…

    It’s awesome and very sad at the same time.

  17. Mark Temporis says:

    Yeah, Elaine. I would be so freaked out if my kitty fell off the balcony ONCE that he would be an indoors kitty for the rest of his life.

  18. Matt Staggs says:

    Ewww…x-rayed cat poop!

  19. Santa's Knee says:

    I, for one, welcome our new catborg masters…

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